Sunday, 16 July 2017

Going back to the start...

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

Way back in the dim and distant past, I started using the internet and suddenly became aware of the wide range of miniatures that were available on the market. Up until that point it was Citadel / Games Workshop only... apart from some Scotia Grendel Kryomek that used to be available in HMV (of all places).

It surprises me that I only started this blog in 2008... because, prior to that, I had been pottering around for a good few years... and I am also NOT surprised that the first miniatures I posted on here were from Hasslefree Miniatures. I found Hasslefree Miniatures in 2004 and was instantly drawn to their Grymn range. In fact, it was a single picture of Aylton the Grymn (sculpted by Kev White) that made me hunt down the manufacturer so that I could get hold of a few Grymn myself.

...That was the start of it. My big obsession. Why Grymn? Well... I'll tell you a story...

When I was about 15, I started sculpting miniatures. I used the only putty that was available to me (Milliput) and just went for it. I bent up a paperclip attached it to a plastic base, and built up an armature, followed by a full miniature. It was a Half-Dwarf in powered armour. The next sculpt was a Halfling in powered armour, followed by a Halfling in terminator armour and then one riding a Citadel, Judge Dredd, Lawmaster bike. Not long after that... I joined the military and off I went into the big world.

The reason I sculpted what I did, was that I always thought that Halflings were a missed opportunity. They always seemed to be portrayed with chicken drumsticks in their hands and saucepans on their heads and were, for all intents and purposes, a joke. I hated that. I wanted my Halflings to be warriors with hi-tech weaponry and equipment and certainly no bare feet! That's why I sculpted little people with tough kit.

... Then Aylton the Grymn showed up:

Click the Pic!

It was the above picture (the miniature was painted by Jenova... a very talented and well regarded painter of miniatures) that immediately caught my eye... back in 2004. He looked just like my idea of what a tough space Halfling should look like. Big gun, decent equipment and a strong character. 

I found Hasslefree Miniatures, ordered a set of five (which was all that was available at the time) and painted them up... then more were released and I snapped them up... then the cycle continued up until today. When new ones are released... I can't help myself.

So... why all the reflection on Grymn today? Well... with things being the way they are at the moment, my sculpting muse has decided that, just when I am starting up a little bit of a selling thing, she would go on holiday. Now, that isn't a bad thing... I have had quite a run on sculpting for a good few years and it was about time I started painting again. So I saw the new Primaris Marines and dived straight in... BUT... I stalled. The miniatures are great but what I really needed was something familiar and I knew just what to do. Not only would it help me to get painting again but it would also allow me the opportunity to try out some new basing materials in the process. I dug out a few of my many spare Grymn and, after cleaning them up, basing and priming them, set to work. After a while, as is usually the case, I got to thinking about what comes next so I dug out some walkers I converted (from Critical Mass Games... before they closed shop) and slapped a rough coat of paint on one to see how it looked. Well... this is where I am, at the moment:

Click the Pic!

In the picture, there are three walkers at the back, three specialists in front and then a squad of 8 standard Grymn troops. They still have a way to go but I am really enjoying painting them and the familiarity is a bit like meeting old friends again. It was definitely the right time to be painting Grymn because I have been out of the military now for 8 months and haven't finished painting anything... what better way to break the duck than with some of these excellent little miniatures.

For the record... I can't wait for the new ones to be released... I can always find money for more Grymn!

See you from the Grymn High-Council Chambers!


Zzzzzz said...

It's always good to find that little bit of hobby mojo laying around somewhere.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Speaking there any ETA on when Kev will finish those new Grymn minis???

I love the grymn myself, and have amassed 40-50 of 'em. They work nicely as Imperial Auxilia for 30k.

Inso said...

No ETA on the Grymn yet... but I am working on him :)!

If you check out the 'Grymn out there' blog link on here... you will understand the depths of my obsession with Grymn. I must have at least 300 painted... not including all the unpainted ones I have. Must be close to 500 all told, I reckon... I'm a sucker for them :D!