Sunday, 5 February 2017

Nurgle has come to tea.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World... but I wouldn't get too close, if I were you... Nurgle is in the house!

Yep, this week I have been filled with cold so I have really not done very much of anything at all. I did manage to get to the pub a couple of times but that was to celebrate some good news and also to watch the rugby.

This week has been a bit of a waiting game. My wife has been job hunting and attending interviews; culminating on a new job offer on Friday. That is brilliant news as it is the start of us both building a routine. Soon it will be my turn but I am in no immediate rush. My wife's new job meant an evening in the pub on Friday with me coughing all evening... but we celebrated well.

Yesterday was a day in the pub watching the rugby (well done England!).

This week also saw the birth of my first Great-Nephew, little Arthur. He and my niece are both doing well and it was lovely news. I now look forward to meeting him.

With regards to hobby stuff this week, I have had neither the inclination or dexterity to do very much of anything. That said, I have managed to put a few details on my Hanomag pattern Chimera:

Click the Pic!

The Hanomag now has some hatches and some lights but I still have a long way to go.

I need to apologise for not progressing the leg sales thing but I have really not been very interested in anything this week, sorry.

Hopefully, I'll shake this cold off this week and get back to a bit of carpentry and hobby stuff.

Well, that's about it for now.

See you from the scrap-heap!


Charles Marlow said...

Hi, Inso. I'm a long-time-lurker-of-admiration of your blog. I found your blog accidentally while researching Rogue Trader era Squats a few years ago? Anyway, great blog and I really enjoy watching the progression of your projects. I'm really interested in the work your're doing on converting the hanomag. I've wanted do do something similar since I saw a similar conversion in Chronicles issue 1 way back in 1998!The issue featured a conversion done up as a transport for Bauhaus troops for Target Game's Warzone game, although, it looks as if the conversion started with a Puma? Bye-the-bye, I'd be super interested in buying one set of 5 Squat exo-armour legs off you if you wouldn't mind? I realize you haven't got the details sorted, yet, but when you do... I'm interested! I'm currently working on way too many projects and not getting anywhere at my a-lot-less-than a snail's pace but it's a lot of fun planning and collecting. I do a fair bit of Oldhammmer stuff, plus, OOP Warzone, Chronopia and I'm especially interested OOP RAFM figures and-so-on.

Inso said...

Hi CM.

Cheers :) .

I'm glad you like the Hanomag conversion, I am quite enjoying it myself (and it is a darn sight cheaper than a Chimera). Are you aware of the one that Prodos do for the new Warzone game? Here's a link (you'll need to copy and paste) just in case:

I think that we wouldn't be in the hobby if we could actually finish one thing before getting on with another one. My list of projects is vast!

As for the legs, once I have sorted things out, I will be posting the 'how to get hold of them' post on here but bear in mind, I have only got 45 casts... so I have to be fair.

All the best.

Charles Marlow said...

Hey, Inso.

Thank you for the link to the new Warzone game mule. Actually, I wasn't aware of it. I'm not really tempted by the new Warzone models. I've read many mixed reviews of the casting quality and I'm lucky enough to have plenty of OOP Warzone already, although, only 1 "vehicle"; the Eradicator Death Droid. Anyway, the mule isn't horrible but it's not angular enough! I've always thought that if I were to buy a transport, other than Rhinos or Chimaeras (or trying to build my own!), I'd get this one:

Do you use any particular type of specialty hobby tool to cut-out angular shapes from plastic card? Or is it sheer eyeballed talent? ;)

Thank you.

Inso said...

I use a scalpel and a steel ruler. I have a circle cutter which is like a pair of compasses with a blade instead of a pencil.

I just measure, draw out, score and snap.