Sunday, 18 December 2016

DIY... DIY... DIY...

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

I'm afraid to say that this week has been a bit of a non starter on the hobby front because I have discovered that I needed to unwind more than I thought... which has meant that I have been a total slob and have flopped around like a fish out of water.

So if not the hobby, what have I been doing?

Well, we have ordered the bulk of our furniture which means we will finally start to get some decent storage up and running... that means my clothes will move from the kit-bag on the bedroom floor into some drawers, the documents will end up in a sideboard and some of the many items still in boxes will end up in some shelving/drawers/cupboards. All we have to do is wait a little while for it to be delivered... but it has been guaranteed for before Christmas so that will be a fantastic Christmas bonus.

In addition to that, our sofa arrived so we now have somewhere comfortable to sit, our kitchen table and chairs arrived a week or so ago so we have somewhere to eat and we have an awesomely comfortable bed that I seriously need to learn how to sleep in (it would appear that, no matter how comfortable a bed is, I am still able to lie awake all night). Basically, all of the little pieces are slowly coming together and we are getting to a position where our house is turning into our home.

I have also been doing lots of DIY but I am finding that every job I start, unearths a number of faults so things have to be done more slowly than I like... but I guess that is what owning a house is all about.

And that, I am afraid, sums up me week... apart from the trips to the sea shore... I have been doing that on the odd day and to be honest, everything negative just gets washed away for the time I am at the beach so the world keeps turning smoothly.

Hopefully, next week will have some hobby stuff turn up on here.

See you from a place of peace!


supervike said...

I can't imagine finding more peace than watching waves roll in on the seashore. As a land locked person, I envy that!

Inso said...

I've been in one of the most land-locked areas in England for the last 7.5 years so I am extremely glad to get near the sea again (I used to be 20 minutes from the coast when I was growing up... but that all changed when I left home). The only redeeming thing was having the river Thames so close... not the same but feeding the ducks/swans had a calming effect as well.