Sunday, 31 July 2016


Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

It has been another slow week (where hobby is concerned), with a small amount of sculpting on some commissions being the only sculpting. I didn't even get any sculpting done on the Squat Eversor Assassin that I have started.

Instead, I have been enjoying having a kitten... who is growing very quickly and finding his feet in the family. Here he is with a feather:

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He is so full of 'kitten wiggles' that he has been distracting me from my hobby... but I can also blame the humid weather as well. In fact, the weather has been so sweaty that I have dug out my paints and started a bit more work on Death:

Click the Pic!

Still a long way to go... but it is progress. You may notice the big slope on the base. Well, I noticed that he had a massive lean so I had to add a slope to the base in order to level him up again. You can't really see it but there is a bit of purple on the robes that will be getting highlights and washes in order to tone it down. As I said, still a long way to go.

House buying is progressing nicely. It is just a case of waiting for the process to continue and paying bills when they arrive. We also get the odd little mission to carry out (verifying documents etc.) so we are kept busy too. Still... all progress is good progress.

Well... that is about it.

See you from the countryside!


mattblackgod said...

Good work so far. Kittens are fun, I got a pair a few weeks ago and all hobby progress has stopped as everything is to be played with or destroyed. lol.

Good luck on the house purchase.

Inso said...

Kittens are so full of fun, you just lose hours with them :) .

Cheers... housebuying is full of waiting and uncertainty... but it'll be worth it.

Jan Ferris said...

Aren't kittens grand!