Sunday, 22 May 2016

Another week of happenings

Hello again... I know... the second time in one day (see this earlier BLOG POST about a Mantic Forge Fathers unboxing, including a review of the new Steel Warriors) but that was then and this is now.

This week has been one of highs and lows. I have been ticking along getting things done (slowly) but have topped the week off by getting a stinker of a head cold so I am not really in the frame of mind for that much at all at the moment. However, never one to let things get me down, I have been ticking along with a bit of sculpting and have got quite far with my Jedi Beastman:

Click the Pic!

I just have his arms to sculpt, his pouches/pistol to add to his belt and then it will be a case of tidying him up. I also have to deal with a slight centre of gravity issue with him... he is leaning back a bit far... so I will need to rebase him to adjust that as well. I'm happy with the way he has gone so far and expect him to be finished quite soon.

In other sculpting news, I have been really struggling with the second Squat body; particularly due to my hatred of sculpting feet so I am really happy to have got this far with it:

Click the Pic!

Now the feet are out of the way, the rest should be pretty plain sailing.

In other news, I linked to another post all about Forge Fathers. Well, in order for me to fit the new Forge Guards (Exo Squats) into my army, I needed to get a bunch of chain sword bits so I sent off for ten Chain Glaives from Anvil Industries and while I was there got a Small Mech Pack and a Large Mech Pack for when I think about adding more Engineseers to the army.

With the Forge Fathers in mind, in order for me to use the Steel Warriors that I bought, I will need to sculpt a few pairs of legs and work out how I am going to replicate them. Fortunately, I have lots of other things to be getting on with so I have time to ponder. I am thinking that getting some Blue Stuff and casting the legs with Milliput may be the way to go... but I'll think on it.

Well... I think that's about it for now.

See you from the Severn Estuary!


pulpcitizen said...

Jedi Beastmen? Ace! Well done. :)

Inso said...

Cheers :)

The two ideas just seemed to fit together nicely :)