Sunday, 20 March 2016

Two posts on the same day?

I know that this doesn't happen very often but I have been caught up in a bit of sorting... and in the process have catalogued an army that I will be selling soon. They are called the Soran 8th Army and are based on the old style, metal Cadian troops.

The army consists of:
  • Army command Squad with Chimera transport
  • Infantry Platoon (Command, two infantry squads and a Chimera)
  • Armoured Fist Squad (Infantry squad with Chimera)
  • Veterans (Veteran squad with Chimera)
  • Support platoon (6 Mortars, a Lascannon and 2 Missile Launchers)
  • Leman Russ tank
  • Griffon mortar
  • Sentinel Squadron (3 scratch-built Sentinels)
There is a mix of standard troops with the odd conversion here and there (the veterans have boltguns). I have also scratchbuilt three Sentinels because I built this army before the latest version of the Sentinel was released (and the previous styles of Sentinel were attrocious).

Anyway, here are some pics (in the same order as the list above):


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This army is at least 20 years old and has been packed away for almost all of that time... so as much as this makes me reminisce, it takes up space that I won't have when I move so they will have to go. At some point, they will be hitting EBay but I have to work out how to pack them and how much it will cost to post them before they do.

I have decided that my Catachan army will be staying with me. Maybe to be completely renovated at some point... maybe not.

See you through bleary eyes!


Phil Curran said...

On the planet of lime green trees there is only war.

Inso said...

Catachan Green :)