Sunday, 7 February 2016

What a week!

I am going to start this week's blog post with a picture:

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On the left is a very proud dad (me) and on the right is his son who has just passed out from basic training for the Royal Air Force.

It all happened on Tuesday at RAF Halton and was a whole day of waiting for a parade, and watching it. The parade went really well and the flypast was by a Puma from RAF Benson's 230 Sqadron (my old Squadron, ironically). The picture above also has a lot of history behind it. When I was in training, Block 16 was my home for two and a half years. A few years after I left, the Apprenticeship system was stopped and a few more years later, basic training was moved to Halton. In the period from then onwards, the block got its 'Puma' name. My son also spent time in this block during basic training... more coincidence.

When I left Halton, I started my RAF career at Odiham, working on Pumas... and over my career, I have worked on Pumas for over 15 years (on and off) so to find out that my old block had the Puma name really made me smile. 

I view this picture as a handover... as you know, I am leaving the Royal Air Force soon and I am handing over to my son who is just starting out.

So... that was Tuesday. On Thursday I went out for a fantastic meal with my workmates at my boss's house and we had a great evening of fine dining and partaking of a few drinks... so with everything that has been going on, you would have thought that I didn't have any time for the hobby...

... but in another shift of direction, I started work on Tiny. Who's Tiny? Well... this will be (when he's finished):

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For some reason, I decided to make a robot that was inspired by Mongrol from the 2000 AD comic 'ABC Warriors'. I certainly don't want to replicate him and this isn't going to be a direct copy but I hope to get some of the design cues in there. I think he is going OK so far. I have used the legs off a GW dreadnought, some parts from a 1/100 Armoured Valkyrie and a wooden doll's head (plus plasticard and green stuff). The arms will look similar to this when he is finished:

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In other news, I have bought a 1/48 scale Airfix kit of a Coyote vehicle so that may get used for parts for an APC later. I have also put up a bunch of model kits for sale (after 16:30hrs today, although there is one in there already...) on EBay so a bit later on, have a look. There may be something of interest:

I think that is about it for now. 

See you from the stands at the pass-out parade!


Da Masta Cheef said...


Congratz to the 2 of you!

Lasgunpacker said...

Congratulations on the handoff!