Saturday, 4 July 2015

What is all the fuss about?

Games Workshop has decided that now is the time to revamp the Warhammer Fantasy game by... well to be honest... completely changing almost everything about it.

They have renamed it Warhammer Age of Sigmar, have renamed most of the races, completely changed the rules and have even gone as far as changing the bases of the miniatures from square to round.

There has been a huge backlash on-line from die hard fans and, to be honest, I can understand why... but it isn't all bad.
  • The rules are free. 
  • There are additional rules for existing armies as free downloads. 
  • There are some cool new miniatures on the way.
  • There is a whole new flood of fluff to join the release.
  • Some of the new rules are hysterically funny.
So... for many years, people have been complaining that the corporate side of Games Workshop had ruined the fun of the games. Well they can't say that any more because some of the rules mean that you have to issue war cries in order to get bonuses, compare moustaches, and even moan about the youth of today in order to get bonuses for the troops on the table. In some instances, you have to actually be seen to talk to your troops for the bonuses to work! 

I for one am tempted to watch a gaming session just to laugh as the players have to raise a fist to the air and shout "WAR!" in as menacing a voice as possible; in order to claim the bonus! 

Maybe, GW are on to something?

Anyway... I have been and bought White Dwarf for the first time in ages so that I could get my hand on the miniature stuck to the front of it. Here is what I got:

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The miniature came in a very well made plastic blister that was obviously made to measure and once popped from the packet, it was very obvious that it was a single pose miniature. Quality is excellent (as you should expect from GW) and very little clean up was required. It was annoying that the sprue attaches on the shoulders right on the motif but if you are careful, it shouldn't be a problem to clean up. Here is an assembled picture (not cleaned up and held together with blu-tack):

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As you can see, this particular miniature is big BUT I think that is because it is a posessed suit of armour filled with the souls of champions... so it is probably supposed to be larger than a human. It is not coincidence that I have pictured the miniature next to a marine because, when I first saw the new Sigmar miniatures, I immediately thought of Space Marines... and there is nothing like putting your money where your mouth is:

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He's not finished but I reckon you can get the idea.

And that is how easily distracted I am!

See you from the shiny place!

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