Sunday, 12 July 2015

What an Eclectic Week!

Before I start today's post, I'd like to welcome Suber to Inso's World. Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your travels around the world and comment when you see fit.

This week has been an odd one.

A few weeks ago, my daughter turned 18 and she decided that she would like to go and get a tattoo. She arranged to go with her brother because he also wanted ink... but alas, he had some very valid reasons not to go so I agreed to go along with her. For some reason, my mouth then went into overdrive and I agreed to have a daddy/daughter tattoo of the design of her choice. So this weekend, we went and shared some quality time together in the tatttoo parlour and this is what happened:

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As you can see, I was lucky that it wasn't Hello Kitty or something like that. It also highlights my impetuous attitude to life. Sometimes, I just go and do stuff and deal with the backlash afterwards. I never regret doing this (even when I have trouble as a result) but sometimes, I wish that I would spend a few minutes thinking before I go and say stuff.

I think this little episode is just a response to the huge life changes I am in the process of making. As many of you will be aware, I am a serviceman in the Royal Air Force. Well, last week, I turned down my promotion to Flight Sergeant. This is with a future career change in mind. At the moment, nothing is set in stone but one thing is for sure... changes are on the way! As and when things happen, I will share them here. For the time being I hope to just stay at my job and continue working hard for the Puma 2 programme.

So... that's life... what about the hobby? Well... first of all I have finished off the heavy weapon squad for the first platoon of Squats:

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I put the pix up on the forums this week and got some comments about the arms... so I have altered them slightly since the picture was taken and have addressed most of the issues (spindly arms on the raised arm troopers). The squad has now been added to the first platoon which is now complete and looks like this:

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We have the Sentinels at the back, the heavy weapon squad, 2 infantry squads and the command squad at the front. That is all I want to do on the first platoon apart from vehicles (but I have plans for those that are rumbling along in the background; slowly gathering momentum). I have now started on the second platoon's command squad. Here is where I am at:

Click the Pic!

I think I may need to shorten a couple of arms... You'll also notice the lovely little radio set on the back of the comms trooper. I got it from Mad Robot as part of a pack of 5. The one shown is the command version.

In other news... I have managed to get even more plastic Squats so I will be taking stock again and seeing what can be achieved with them.

Well... that is about it for today :)

See you from the ever-changing world!


Simon Quinton said...

Great looking Squats and what an awesome thing to do with getting Father/Daughter tattoos. I can't imagine what my other half would say to that when either of my two reach 18.

demi_morgana said...

The tats turned out great - congrats to both of you:
daughter for the idea, you - for the courage... ;-)

classic40k said...

That's a very lovely photo of you and your daughter... PS the squats are looking great as always too ;)


Inso said...

Cheers :D

I wouldn't say the daddy/daughter tats were a good idea... just something I said I'd do (but I guess my daughter was happy so it was worth it).

The Squat production line is slowing down... hopefully it doesn't signal the end of my sculpting muse!