Sunday, 26 July 2015

A rainy summer's day.

It would appear that the traditional British summer rain has hit today so the light in the house is appalling enough to hamper any real hobby stuff. With that said, I thought I'd get in an early blog post today, in the vain hope that things cheer up and I can get back on my hobby horse a bit later.

This week has been a bit random again. Monday was our families day so I went and had a potter around the airfield, watched a few air displays and generally soaked up the atmosphere. Because it was on a Monday, things seemed a bit more low key this year... but it was an entertaining day.

Thursday my little team went on our annual summer do... this year it was messing around on boats on the Thames. Here is my little team:

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Here is me relaxing with a drink whilst everyone else is occupied:

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And here's me jumping into the Thames (for the third time) from the top of the boat:

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I was in good hands, there was a sober bloke on board who had everything under control. It was an excellent way to spend the day. 

...although it did show me that I may need to loose that chubby tummy!

So... hobby wise, I have had a week of this and that. Mainly, I have been working on the secret project and I reckon in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to reveal all. In addition to that, I decided to bite the bullet and buy some Brock Riders from Mantic Games. They quickly arrived and here are five of the creatures assembled, ready for filling and conversion work:

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These are all identical. The second five are also identical but of a slightly different design (so I'll have five of each). They are made from Mantic 'restic' which takes a lot of effort to clean up so I have stopped at five for now so that I don't get de-motivated. Once the ten are complete, they will form a Rough Rider unit for support of the third platoon.

In order to keep things ticking along, I need to be happy that what I have already made is legal and up to my standards. Unfortunately, I have two issues. First, my three Sentinels have got heavy bolters and they aren't allowed to have them in the rules. Secondly, my Exo squad has hammers instead of terminator weapons so it needs to be changed. In a bid to sort things out, I have ordered some howitzers and chain glaives from Anvil industries to upgrade the Sentinels with autocannons and the Exo squad with chainfists. While I was in an ordering mood, I also bought some more armature wire and some aluminium rods for the Brock Rider lances. The riders that came withe the Brocks are massive and were never going to be used so I have been selecting plastic Squats together for the conversion work to begin. It should be entertaining as I plan to make them a little bit feral and berserk.

Well... I think that is about it for today. What this coming week has to offer, I can't say but hopefully something interesting will occur!

See you from the end of the bow line!


pulpcitizen said...

I look forward to seeing how these Rough Riders turn out. :)

Mr Teufel said...

Are you going to paint the Brocks as badgers? Are you going to convert the riders?

Inso said...

My plans for the brocks are:
1. Paint them differently to badgers because they don't actually look like badgers (more like badger headed bears).
2. Completely replace the riders and saddles because the ones that come with the brocks are MASSIVE.
3. Scratchbuild a bunch of explosive lances.
4. Make the riders a bit feral/berserk.

Lord Siwoc said...

Loving the look of these ruff riders! And I quite agree concerning the clean up....SIgh....