Sunday, 24 May 2015

The sabatical is nearly over.

Hello again and welcome to this weeks blog update. As you may have guessed from the title, my three weeks away from work are nearly at an end so what better way to enjoy the last couple of days than to recap on what I have managed to get done while I have been on holiday (with hobby stuff in mind).

Initially I finished off the infantry platoon that I brought back from the Falklands by adding back packs to the loaders and the little gun tractors to the infantry squads.

Then... I went to Salute and came back with a pair of Prodos Games Vulkan Battlesuits that were going to be my proxy Sentinels and a Clockwork Goblin Grizzly Walker that was going to be my Dreadnought.

While I was thinking about what to do with the Sentinels (and waiting for a third one to arrive from EBay), I started to assemble some more basic infantry but also put together a unit of Exo Armour made from Mantic Games Forge Guard.

Finally, I built the Sentinels and partially built the dreadnought and suddenly realised that I had no army commander... so I made one in Exo Armour.

Well... I may have originally planned to finish the second platoon while on my leave but I think that 3 finished Sentinels, an Exo Squad with Exo commander and a really good start on the first squad for the second platoon was pretty good.

So, I guess it's time for some pix. Here is the finished Sentinel Squadron (3 armoured Sentinels with Heavy Bolter and Close Combat Attachment):

Click the Pic!

Here is the finished Exo Squad with the commander to lead it (count as Space Marine Terminators):

Click the Pic!

And finally, here is the army as it currently stands (only complete miniatures, ready for paint):

Click the Pic!

So far I have finished:

1x Exo Commander
1x Exo Squad (5 troops)
1x Infantry Platoon (25 troops)
1x Engineseer with Servitors (3 troops)
1x Sentinel Squadron (3 Sentinels)
3x Misc Troops (including dog handler)

All I really need is to finish the second platoon (and find a place for the three stragglers at the front) and I will have quite a nice little army.

What I plan to add in the short term will be:

The second infantry platoon.
A third platoon (in caps rather than helmets).
A second Sentinel Squadron.
Veterans in berets (I don't know what unit size to do these... I am not sure if I can have a platoon or whether it is in squads only).

Then long term:


So I guess this has been another all Squat post but you know how my muse works... next week it could be something completely different! Who knows?

See you from the bridge of the leviathan!

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