Sunday, 10 May 2015

Squat overload.

This week has been one of finding my feet and getting a bit of hobby stuff done. I have been at home alone most of the week so have had plenty of opportunity to get used to being at home again and also to start getting some hobby time in.

So... what have I been up to? Well... first of all, I finished off the first unit of Exo Armour for my Squat army:

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As I mentioned last week, these are based on Mantic Game's miniatures (LINK). All I did to them was clip the crest off the top of their helmets and then just added details. The head and crotch area were re-shaped and then a few runes were added here and there. To finish, they were glued to 30mm plastic bases. I still have another unit to do but I want to get other things done before I start the next batch.

With regards to other things, I have assembled the bodies for the next infantry squad. The squad will form part of the second platoon of helmet wearing troopers. So far, thethe heads have been glued to the bodies, the bodies glued to their bases and then I have sculpted neckerchiefs and beards. Next step is to add moustaches to the beards and then it will be on to drilling and pinning. I haven't got any pix of the troopers because I want to put together another guide... which will be posted once the unit is complete. In the meantime, I have assembled the first of the Sentinels (I had to do something while the beards dried!):

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It is a Bauhaus Vulkan from Prodos Games (LINK) and is the perfect size for what I want. I have two of them but should have bought three (DOH!) so I will be getting another one at some point. So far, I have added the start of the enclosed cockpit and filled in some of the shoulder detail (yes, the head is part of a jumping bean) but it is early days yet:

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Just for the sake of it, here are the parts for the miniature:

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I have chosen the weapon options that I think best suit an armoured sentinel with a close combat weapon (heavy bolter and close combat weapon). Hopefully, it will look OK when it is finished.

What else... at some point, I am disappearing for a few days to Paris... so I hope they are ready for me.

See you from the other side of the line!

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Tael said...

Look forward to this project, I've been eyeing off this model as a low-tech, heavy Imperial Guard walker model for awhile now. One can see the opportunity to add Machine God symbols and heavy bolter mountings etc. Great choice.