Sunday, 12 April 2015

An interesting week

Hello again.

It’s another Sunday and time for another blog post... so what has been happening this week? 

Well, to start with, there have been a lot of arrivals and departures so I have had quite a sociable week in the bars and mess. There was a foam party on Friday in Timmy’s which was more of a light snow party but it was a good night (apart from a small amount of a disagreement I had with a para who decided to be a bit too overbearing with one of our female colleagues... fortunately, it all ended well). We also had a couple of leaving speeches (including one for me) before the foam party and the Pengie I have been working on was handed over. Here’s the finished item:


Click the Pic!

I have blotted out the names again.

Yesterday we went back to Port Stanley and had a lovely meal in the Malvenas again. I had venison and it tasted superb. We all enjoyed the evening and even had time to stop on the way back and look at the stars... out here there is hardly any light pollution so you get to see many more stars than you normally would. Then it was back to the mess for a night cap. Unfortunately, I seem to be a magnet for disgruntled army chaps, as I had to tone down another drunken bloke who just appeared in our group and scared everyone off... what followed was an hour of counselling that is an hour of my life I’ll never get back...

And that has been my week. Days to do are getting few so I am now thinking about packing and sorting things out before my return to England.

I can’t wait.

See you through the veil!


Mouse said...

Jeez Inso, you make it sound like us infantry types never do anything but fart, scratch, yell, break things and maybe seize the occasional passing breast when we drink in public.

I'd be very offended were it not for the fact that this depiction of our of our social graces is actually 100% accurate and entirely fair.

Glad to hear you're getting close to going home. I've only got three days left and I'm home for good! Woo hoo!

Inso said...

Mostly, the army lads are no worse than the rest of us but it just seems that this last week has had a blip.

It's all part of being on detachment, away from home, in a mostly male environment... everyone goes a bit feral (as you will be aware).

Fortunately, it didn't get to blows.