Sunday, 22 March 2015

Catch-Up Sunday

Hello again. As you may have noticed, last Sunday’s blog post never happened. That was mostly to do with not having anything to post; another work type week with little of interest to share.

Well, this week I am going to turn my attentions towards penguins or ‘Pengies’ as they are know out here.

Well a Pengie is a going home gift that is presented to work friends when they return home from the Falklands. As you will have realised, the gift is in the shape of a sculpted penguin and it is designed to reflect certain aspects of their tour. As an example, if someone ended up falling over and breaking a wrist, their Pengie may have a cast or sling. If they are party animals, their Pengie may have a party hat or fancy dress costume.

Recently, the tradition of presenting Pengies has sort of fallen by the wayside but things have picked up and the tradition has returned strongly. Now, it wouldn’t be proper if the Pengie was just handed over. In order to properly celebrate the return home, a speech is written and the Pengie is presented with a photo showing elements of the tour and the name of the leaver. This little leaving ceremony is normally held in either the mess bar or Timmy’s bar (our section bar).

Well... I was allocated a ‘victim’ who has a passion for running, cakes and wine... so here’s her Pengie: 

 Click the Pic!

I have blotted out names and dates but the purple thing on the front is a plaque detailing them. I have written a speech for her and we will be gathering in a week or so for the leaving celebration. Of course... part of the speech is a song (well... I am a karaoke fan) so I hope it goes down a storm.

I am currently working on a second Pengie that will be for a complete party animal so watch this space for pics (coming soon).

So... only a month left to go and I reckon in a few weeks I’ll have something pretty cool to share (involving helicopters, yomping and Hercules aircraft) so there should be something to keep the blog interesting.

See you from the peat-fields!

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