Sunday, 9 November 2014

Adherence to ceremony and a host of new mecha.

Today is Remembrance Sunday. It is a day when my family visit the local town of Wallingford to attend the ceremony of Remembrance. Every year (when I am in the country) we do the same and every year, the square is filled with people who are also there to pay their respects and give humble thanks for the ultimate sacrifice of so many people so that we could live in relative peace and freedom today.

In 2007, I went to Iraq for a couple of weeks to carry out some maintenance on a helicopter there. When the plane landed, we discovered that three of our colleagues had just been killed when a rocket landed in their accomodation area. Today, I remembered them.

Here is a short poem I wrote for Remembrance day:

They fought, 
They fell, 
They went through hell, 
To keep us safe. 
Remember well. 

I remember them.

As you will have already found out, I got a parcel yesterday and it contained all my Mechadrome Mechs. Well, I have now had time to have a root through and here are a couple of pictures:

 Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

In the top pic, I have provided a ruler, standard 28mm human and a Grymn for scale. As you can see, the mechs are quite large (60mm and 90mm without the rocket pods). In the lower pic I have shown all of the arms, shoulderpads and rocket pods.

Overall, the quality is excellent but, and there is a but, the two resin guns (bottom left) have a bit of a step in them (mould mismatch) that will need a little extra work to put right. It isn't a total catastrophe... just a bit of extra work with a knife and file. The resin pieces have a few bits of waste resin to trim off and I think there is a single, small, airbubble on one of the medium mech bodies... but the details are sharp and everything looks brilliant.

I am likely to leave them as they are for the time being as I don't want to rush them and I haven't decided which particular army/unit they are going to join so they will be 'awaiting paint' for a while; until I make a decision.

... In the meantime, I have my Squats to work on. This week, I have tinkered a little with Big Robot but have spent most of my sculpting time on a pair of Squats from the command squad for the first platoon. Here is a Squat with flamer and a medic:

Click the Pic!

The command squad uses pistols from the Khorne Berserker boxed set and as a result, the hands are quite large. I can live with it but it may not be to everyone's taste. The flamer Squat uses shortened space marine arms for extra protection. The hose from the cannister to the flamer is a piece of brass wire with a 'Scouby' string covering it... sometimes having a daughter who is into crafts is handy when conversions are being created.

This coming week, I am planning to work on the other three members of the command squad whilst ticking along with Big Robot... however, with so much mecha goodness sitting in a box nearby, I am not confident in my resolve to ignore them!

See you from a place of respect!

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