Sunday, 12 October 2014

A very Autumnal post.

It's another Sunday and, as is usually the case, it's time for another post but before I start, I'd like to welcome the newest follower of Inso's World; Roebeast. Welcome aboard and I hope you get involved, share your comments and enjoy your stay.

This week has been a little bit interesting. First of all, I have decided to start uploading all of my short stories to the WWW and the ones I have started with are those that involve Grymn. Seeing as they are about Grymn, I thought it was appropriate to upload them to the Forum of Doom and here is a link to the section where they live:

The stories in question will all start with the term 'Grymn Fluff' and be posted by 'Inso' so they should be easy enough to find. If you are interested enough to read the trilogy, it goes in this order:

The Duplicate Adventures
Rebirth and Realisation
Eastward Endeavours

I hope you enjoy my random musings.

Unfortunately, I may be forced to don a spandex costume and fight nefarious super-villains at some point soon. Why? Because I have been bitten by something that has caused me such discomfort that I can only assume it was this:

Click the Pic!

It has caused my immune system to make all of the glands in my neck to expand greatly. Fortunately, it just itches a lot... but the moment I get the urge to start running up buildings, I'll let everyone know!

Oh... go on then... how about some hobby stuff? This week has mostly been about waiting for little gun turrets to arrive... and that's what happened. I have also been shaping hover skirts and adding bulk to the Squat Engineseer:

Click the Pic!

The top pics show the Smoothed out skirt on the buggy conversion, the next pics show the awesome little gun turrets (of which I now have 5) and the bottom pics show the padded out Engineseer body. 

Obviously, there is a lot to do... but the lines on the skirt will be scored out to represent different panels. Once that is done, I will tidy things up and start on the other two components that will make up the hover buggy's intake and propulsion systems. 

The little gun turrets are from Anvil Industry and they were absolutely perfect. The casting quality is exceptional and they only needed snipping from the sprue, cleaning up where it was clipped off and a bit of a brush with a tooth brush to remove the fine flash. I am extremely impressed with the quality of these and will be ordering more to go with the other squads. In addition to this... the sprue is actually cast up to look like rubble for adding to bases; which is a nice touch.

The Engineseer is still at a very early stage and will be getting armour and details from now on. You can see that he has a peg leg at the moment but that will slowly transform into a bionic leg. I am happy with the way he is going... so it is likely that he will get finished.

Well... that's it for today.

See you from the bridge of The Obituary!


Lord Siwoc said...

We need a hero like you !!!

Get well soon mate

Inso said...

I'm not poorly... just a little itchy. I am sure that, once the mutant radioactive venom has finished invading my immune system, I will be as right as rain :)