Sunday, 22 June 2014

I have become a Loomatic!

This week has been one where I just needed to reflect on life and go with the flow. I went to a funeral on Monday and it was a very well run thing but it was the last time I'll ever see my friend, Angie, (even though she was in her transport pod to the next level) again so it does make you think about life and how things go.

So... I have tried to get some hobby stuff done this week but have failed dismally. I have no enthusiasm for it and the ideas that are coming to my mind have become such a burden that I can't focus on any of my on-going projects. The ideas are namely bike designs for Grymn and transport options for Squats... both need to be found and/or created... I am hoping that the transport can be 'off the shelf' but I am expecting the bike to be home made.

What have I been doing instead of my hobby... well, internet mainly. In fact, during one of my 'Ebay drive-bys' I managed to pick up an awesome bargain... and have a box of 36 'on-the-sprue' Squats on the way! They cost me less than £50.00 but have no bases (which isn't a problem). I was very pleased with that!

And that was it... that was all I could muster this week. I couldn't even generate the enthusiasm to throw a sculpt together for the Frothers Unite UK sculpting competition (a Mos Eisley theme) and normally that would have ignited my creative flame. Instead of that sort of thing, I decided in my infinite wisdom to try something new and learn a new trick. So I bought the stuff (really cheaply) and went to You-Tube to get a bit of tuition and this is what I managed to come up with:

Click the Pic!

Yes... I have started to mess around with looms, hooks and tiny rubber bands. It is quite relaxing, takes a bit of thought and both my wife and daughter think it is great because they get the finished results. The only down side was that the loom I had was too short... so I bought 2 and with a bit of chopping, bracing and gluing, have joined them together. Who said an old dog can't learn new tricks? I also used to make Scouby bracelets with my daughter so this is just another little handy craft under my belt.

I know it is pretty random on here at the moment but things usually get a bit weird when the weather warms up... maybe sometime soon, I will get back on it and start to focus a bit. I hope so.

See you from the wishing tree!

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Lord Siwoc said...

It is still creativity mate! And as such...It is great!!!