Sunday, 26 January 2014

A reawakening?

To start today's post, I'd like to welcome David Dale to Inso's World. There is all sorts of stuff to be found here so make sure you dig around and if you find stuff you like, be sure to post comments.

I'd like to say that I have slept well this week and that I have achieved huge amounts of hobby stuff... but I haven't. My main focus has been to get some sculpting finished and up until yesterday, I couldn't get on with anything because my focus was shot... however, it seems that I have managed to get a small amount of kip this weekend (YAY!) and I am left with putting a single integral base on the last of the three sculpts I am doing for a commission. So it isn't all bad. I would put pix up but I don't think it is a good idea until I have talked with the 'owner' of them.

So... I ordered a few spoons a week or so ago and they haven't arrived yet. This has been a disappointment because I have stuff set aside for a conversion that is waiting for the spoons to arrive. Without a pair of spoons, I can't do a thing... so hopefully they will turn up very soon. What am I working on? I'm not telling you (I need to see if it works before I share anything... hence my annoyance at the spoons not arriving).

A long time ago, I put together a squad of Grymn that wore jump packs and had tiger stripes:

Click the Pic!

This led to a little story which died on the old Forum of Doom but I have resurrected it HERE. With the advent of Grymn Powered Armour and some jump-packs that I saw over at Puppetswar, I thought that it maybe time to upgrade Torge's Tigers with some new kit. Here is the first of a small squad of newly equipped, Torge's Tigers:

Click the Pic!

He's a basic trooper with a flamer and power claw. I have four more troops to go but that may not be the end of it. In the first pic above, there is a rather large reason for me to continue the little project to include just one more trooper (at least)... can you spot it? Obviously, it will have to be scratch-built but the idea factory is working on it already.

Work is going to be interesting for a few months. I am not only dealing with my work BUT I am also deputising for my manager. It isn't something I can't handle but it may further erode my hobby time so a little patience may be required for those who like to see lots of pix on here.

That, as they say, is about that.

See you from the bottom of the deep blue sea!


Mr Teufel said...

How can you resist flying Ogryn? :D

Oh, and did you ever get your Mantic Rebels?

Inso said...

A flying OGrymn in powered armour is on the cards... Oh yes :D

I received SOME of my rebels but am still waiting for Mantic to send my booster bundle. It is a good job I have other projects to take my mind off things :)