Tuesday, 24 December 2013

It's Christmas eve...

A Hobbyist's Christmas

Christmas has come, to the hobbyist's house,
And all around the table is as quiet as a mouse.
The paint's stored away and the brushes are packed,
The newspaper's gone and the boxes all stacked,
The table is bare now; no lead left to fettle,
It's gone in the cupboard with the rest of the metal.
No sculpting, no painting or converting to do,
No hours of patience for you to accrue,
Just silence and stillness upon the bare table,
So try and keep busy, just try if you're able.
Luckily Christmas is a time of good cheer,
And you can tinker a bit, until the new year,
But deep in your mind, you'll be thinking a lot,
Of the projects you plan and the new toys you've got.
But take a while now to enjoy festive fun,
And know that your family are glad at what you've done.
By clearing the table there's room for the feast,
And an annual clear-up's a good thing at least!
So I wish all the hobbyist's a wonderful time,
And I felt it so deeply that I wrote you a rhyme,
But let's not forget our significant others,
Our poor suffering housemates, or head shaking mothers,
They put up with our hobby the rest of the year.
So I wish them the best of the festive good cheer!


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Merry Christmas!! Hope you have a great one!