Sunday, 3 November 2013

Teratons and school reunions.

This week has been quiet on the hobby front apart from a couple of excellent little things happening. First of all, my box of 3 new style Vulkan battle walkers arrived and after a bit of snipping I made up a pic of the components that make up a single walker (including the extra arms):

Click the Pic!

I was sent the Vulkans a little bit early (due to only wanting the walkers and not cards/troop weapons) so thanks to the guys at Prodos Games for sorting this out for me. Hopefully, this week I will have a bit of an opportunity to get some work done on them.

On the same day that the Vulkans arrived, a small parcel also turned up from Mantic Games. Inside was a team box of Dreadball Teratons and a special character called Dozer. I will not be using these for Dreadball so have only assembled the character and four players who have a wrist gun. Here is a pic with a Grymn for scale purposes:

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In other news, I went to a school reunion in my old home town yesterday and stayed overnight; traveling back today. I was apprehensive about going and was a bit of a 'cat on hot bricks' until My guest and I actually turned up at the venue (she was even more apprehensive than I was). However... it was for no reason because the event went swimmingly. Many a story told, many a drink shared and many a hug given. I always thought that school reunions were a terrible idea but I think that I have changed my opinion. The only downside was the fact that my favourite teacher wasn't there... in fact... no teachers were there. Maybe that was a good thing?! As a result of this weekend's frivolous activities, I am absolutely shattered. Mind you, I didn't hit my pit until gone 3AM and this old boy hasn't had the practice for that sort of thing lately so I am not surprised.

Well... that is it from a very tired Inso!

See you from the depths of the darkest of places where I can hopefully get a full night's kip!

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