Sunday, 20 October 2013

Of Chaos Marines and flying Gods.

This has been one of those weeks where I have been fully wired. So many ideas, so many distractions, so much to be getting on with. That generally means that I do little bits to a lot of things and don't achieve anything as a result. However, this week, I set myself little goals and managed to achieve most of them. The first job was to paint-strip the Vulkan Battlesuit, which I have now done. The second was to finish off the first normal sized Dire Wolf (an ex Space Wolf), which I did:

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I then decided to start the next one, which I then finished:

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He is an ex Crimson Fist who has turned to the Dire Wolves for fame and fortune. After I finished that one, I thought I would add some paint to the Reptiliad automaton but only got as far as the first highlight coat... but I then decided to try my hand at a Puppetswar Air Striker... so I finished one of those:

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You may notice that he has the head of an eagle. Well all of my Puppetswar characters will have Egyptian heads... the next being Anubis (who has been assembled ready for painting). The other Puppetswar troops will not have the flight-packs... a flying bull just doesn't seem right. I also have other plans for their flight packs...

Oh and please have a look at THESE (from the Puppetswar site):

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...They are Rippers and they are awesome!

So a week of bits and bobs. In addition to that, I have had a very kind gift of some Warmachine Dwarfs that will fit in to the Reptiliad project and a couple of Darkage characters that will make great Chaos cultists to join my Dire Wolves.

In other news... I am slowly becoming obsessed with Mantic Games' Teratons... Oh dear.

See you from the queue that is behind the queue for the queue!

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