Sunday, 6 October 2013

Dioramas are the new black.

This week has mostly been about my diorama for the UnDoD13 competition (apart from an ink-wash on a space marine) and apart from what has been shown so far, I have continued to bulk out the base.  First of all I filled out the brain-pan with Milliput and then added a bit more shape to the facial area:

Click the Pic!

Then I covered the Milliput brain-pan with a thin layer of Green Stuff:

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There is still a lot of shaping and detailing to come so the whole look of the sculpt will change but I am heading in the right direction (I think).

In other news... I've only gone and won another auction... for three more OOP Vulkan Battlesuits! Yes, it would appear that my on-going obsession for all things Vulkan has not abated and I have obsessively managed to get hold of three more to play about with. They will not be joining the Tunnel Fighters but will be something separate... maybe some renegades or something... who knows? I am happy to have won them though... for around the price of a box of Space Marine Centurions from GW. I know which ones I'd rather have :).

I watched Iron Man 3 again last night and still thoroughly enjoyed it. The range of suits is great and there are a host of little details that I missed out on last time. It is always nice to see additional little ideas to work from...

That is about it for now. 

See you from the Cat Bus... I'm next to Totoro!

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