Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wednesday... BORED!

It's Wednesday and it isn't even 21:00hrs in the evening and I could just go to bed... but I can't because I am over tired and I'll just wriggle.

I have had one of those weeks (so far) where I don't know what the heck is going on. I've had 'floorwalkers' around at work and they insist on helping you learn the latest computer system when, to be honest, I can work it out. No sooner did that finish on Tuesday when today, I start another course to learn about another computer system! It really does make me wonder where I went wrong in life... I'm an aircraft technician, not an I.T. consultant!

This week is actually a bit special for me. Not only is it the25th anniversary of me joining the Royal Air Force but it is also the tenth anniversary of the Merlin helicopter being on Operations. There is a big party on Friday and I am looking forward to seeing a load of people I haven't seen since I was in Iraq with the Merlins in 2007/2008. I have to pick the tickets up on Friday but on Friday I am also having to go on a road trip for work... so I hope I get back in time!

On a hobby related note, I have been painting the Dragon and have got a fair bit done so I hope that when I show it off on Sunday, you can see the progress. I have also dabbed a tiny amount of paint on the golem. I would be painting tonight but I have not been sleeping lately and it has started to catch up with me... lots of headaches and a 'can't be arsed' attitude.

I have decided to give the Diorama of Doom a go again this's the LINK. I don't have any miniatures for it yet but I haven't decided what to do yet... or have I?!

On the bright side, I am getting a temporary promotion in a few weeks... Flight Sergeant for a month and a half. Can't be bad, can it?

Sheesh! Is it bedtime yet?!

See you from a place on the edge of the circle... not inside the circle or outside the circle... but on the edge of the circle!

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