Sunday, 15 September 2013

Is it Sunday already?!

Before I start this week's post, I'd like to welcome Dungeon Master to Inso's World. Please feel free to share ideas and comment on the posts.

This week has been an interesting one. Lots of work during the day, lots of disturbed sleep due to the dog next door and an evening in the mess to commemorate the Battle of Britain has meant that my hobby time has taken a hit this week. All I have managed to do is add a few plates to the side skirts of the command vehicle.

It has also been one of those weeks where I have been gripped by an idea that has been circulating around my head for a while... but at the moment, it seems that it won't go away until I have at least tried to scratch-build something... so I have started to do just that. What is it? Well... it is 'hopefully' going to be a Grymn aircraft but beyond that, I'll keep it to myself until I have something solid to show off.

So... not a lot to speak of really.

Oh... I almost forgot about the Crossover Superheroes:

Click the Pic!

As you can see from the picture, I have three males and three females. I haven't assembled them (obviously) but I can see that they are well cast, have minimal clean up and have some nice details (not to mention plenty of head options). I can also see that the females in particular, have some serious proportion/anatomy issues that will need fixing... but nothing too disastrous that can't be fixed once I decide to get to work on them. My personal thoughts on these are that the original sculptor did a much better job and the latest sculptor needs to get to grips with an anatomy book and learn to sculpt the female form. Am I disappointed? Not really. Many people will be able to look past the proportional flaws and just live with it so it means that there are now a few more superhero miniatures on the market for everyone to enjoy... and through Kickstarter, I helped that happen so how can I be disappointed? With a little work, I will sort the miniatures to my satisfaction as well... not ideal... but liveable with.

So there you have it... great quality miniatures but with a few odd proportions.

I think that will about do for today... I have a fuselage to build.

See you from the manufacturing hangar!


Mr Teufel said...

Yep. Got mine today. Not as good as the last lot; still better than others. I'll be interested in what you do to improve the anatomy (assuming it's simple enough for me to copy).

Inso said...

For the two women it looks to be a case of lowering the crotch and adding some ribs... maybe shaping the hip area a little.

The big guy... I haven't thought about yet. He'll need to have his head on for me to get a better idea because of those big shoulder guards.

Like I said, not a huge amount but enough for me to feel that I need to do something about it.