Sunday, 7 July 2013

A hot, sunny Sunday.

Well, it is Sunday again and I have had a long weekend so far. Friday was my daughter's prom night so I took the day off and we both went out to for her to get what she needed for the prom. Fortunately, it was a case of getting her nails done and enjoying a coffee but a bit later it was all hair, make-up and corsets so it did get a bit hectic. On the bright side, when it was all finished, she was happy with her look and, to be honest, she was the belle of the ball:

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I assure you that her gloves were correctly pulled up before she arrived. There were a lot of stunned looks from her friends too... especially the boys.

So... last night I watched Scott Pilgrim Versus the World again and I thought to myself "am I wrong to really like this movie?" I really enjoyed it and it was worth stopping up for. I was going to stay up for Tenacious D and the Pick of Doom but I got halfway through it and got bored... Jack Black is the same in every film, isn't he? Maybe the novelty has worn off.

So today, I have been filling in gaps on my Reaper Pathfinder Red Dragon:

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I still have the gap around its waist to sort out but I need it to be primed first so that I can see if there is still a gap. I used Araldite for the body bond and it dries clear so I can't really tell how much of a gap there is. The model will be getting a base from Fenris Games and the statue it is standing on will be reshaped to look like natural rock. I will be painting the Dragon in greys and blacks because it is going to be a mountain Dragon in Reptiliad. The human is there to give an idea of size and also to demonstrate that I have no fantasy miniatures!


That isn't strictly true...

I do have some fantasy Dwarfs, some other creatures and maybe a few steam-powered knights... and I may have ordered a few more things to go with them...

All will be revealed in good time but for now I am going to take a leaf out of Charmmy's book and chill out:

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See you from the world of Dragons!


M R Lee said...

Scott Pilgrim is an awesome movie.. no shame in that. :) nice photos and hope the prom went well.

Lord Siwoc said...

Looking lovely!

Daughter, dragon and furball!!

bandit86 said...

I have been doing a bunch of Dragons lately and using the toys from safari ltd. I also picked up today a really cool Water Hydra and a awesome 2 head golden dragon from Popo toys (a bit pricy but I had %50 off) You should check the out.

Inso said...

Cheers all :)

The prom went well for my daughter... as did the after party so all the effort was worth it.

I'll check out safari and popo too (cheers).