Sunday, 19 May 2013

A very arid Sunday.

I suppose I should start this post with an apology. I have managed to achieve nothing this week. Absolutely nothing. I suppose that having everything piling up and trying to spread out further and further has just led to me not doing anything.

So... what have I actually been doing? Too much internet, too much drinking and too much dealing with life's little tantrums, that's what.

I have tried to work on my tank, my Sharclon APC, paint some miniatures (namely a couple of random Dwarfs that don't have a crap-load of mates to paint along with them) and do some sculpting but all I have managed is a very rough base-coat on a dwarf and a pair of sculpted feet on Thor.

Yesterday, I went into town and bought a small storage chest... hoping that the drawers were big enough for two layers of paint-pots... but they were short by 5mm so my hope of saving space failed... but now I have a nice place for just my paints to live rather than paint and all the other stuff.

I could moan about so much...

On the bright side, my Warzone Kickstarter pledge has now been finalised so I should be receiving three of the new Vulkan Battlesuits with additional close combat arms when they start sending things out. As I won't be gaming with them, I have decided that they will make a nice addition to the Dream Forge Storm-Troopers that I already have.

In other news, Charmmy has decided that she will sit on me every evening and go to sleep. She is now getting quite a grown up little catten but I doubt that she will ever be a big... or even medium sized cat. She is quite the murderer at the moment. Everything that moves in the garden is killed and eaten. Bees, wasps, flies, leaves... I am surprised that she hasn't been stung and needed veterinary treatment by now but she just keeps on killing. You wouldn't think it from such a lovely looking catten:

Click the Pic!

That's it for today. Hopefully, I'll find some life this week and get back to some hobby stuff again.

See you from a place of indecision!


During a rather spontaneous bout of tidying, I found this:

Click the Pic!

It is a Scorpion mech from Reaper's CAV universe. It is 1/60 scale and was sold in 2003 by Hellion Productions. It is NOT Battletech. It is made from resin with some white metal joints. The miniature in the picture is for scale. Since the picture has been taken, I have removed the remainder of the Milliput from the body and have prised the roof off the cockpit causing a small amount of damage. There are a few little miscast areas but the kit is complete and a relatively skilled modeller will easily be able to sort it out. I want to sell it for around £40-00 plus postage so if you are interested, let me know in a message and we'll work things out (Pay Pal only). It is now all sealed up in a box ready to be posted.

See you from the Mech Hangar!


Lord Siwoc said...

Looks quite the little charmer!

Inso said...

She is such a pretty little thing... her markings are quite unusual... but she has keen eyes and is a little killer! I think we are going to get lots of presents from her in the future :)

Da Masta Cheef said...


You let Real Life get in the way of Hobby progress? How dare you!!!

lol, lately I've been compensating for my meager hobby progress updates by taking photos of my games and posting pseudo-battle reports.