Sunday, 14 April 2013

The last day of my holiday.

Welcome to Maj. Diz Aster! he is the newest follower of Inso's World and is most welcome. If you see anything you like or want to share ideas, feel free.

Deep breath time... I have a lot to share today and wanted to start with... a gratuitous kitten picture:

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She was fast asleep up until I unfastened the camera case... but you can see that Charmmy is now getting towards her 'catten' stage and will soon be off to be spayed and chipped ready for unsupervised outings into the big, wide world.

Such distractions but my week off has been full of them. The biggest was a day trip to London to shop around for my daughter's prom dress... which didn't take as long as I'd dreaded so that was a big worry lifted (and it was less expensive than I feared so it was win, win). Apart from that, I bagged another nine Grymn in powered armour and finished off the command squad whilst starting to paint the rest:

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I still need to add rank and insignia but I will do that when the platoon is finished so that I can get them all done at the same time (that way they will all use the same colours etc.).

Next up was a small order to Heresy miniatures for some of their new Sharclon miniatures. I hope they arrive soon so that I can properly decide how they look.

In other news, I have been informed that the Grekwood green is now master cast and will be available to buy from Grekwood Miniatures in the near future:

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In more sculpting news, I am getting there with the Wang Shambler and Thor sculpts and have even added some more putty to the Daemon Prince... but I have been forced to lose a few other minis from their corks to make way for my next exciting project... more superheroes! This time it will be two Dwarf superheroes with separate heads... and they are for a miniatures company... so watch this space for information (if not pictures) of how that goes.

So it is back to work tomorrow and Salute next weekend! I expect to post a couple of times this week with a bit more information about my plans for the event.

Interesting times!

See you from the bottom of the gorge!


Mr Teufel said...

"two Dwarf superheroes with separate heads"

Ooh, now that's interesting! I patiently await your sculpts. :)

Inso said...

One is on the cork and another will be started soon.

Separate heads is a new one on me... so I am going to give it a go and hope for the best :)

Mr Teufel said...

In your search for all things short and squat, have you seen these?

Inso said...

I have seen them before... more from the prodigious Wiff-Waff.

I quite like the hairy gremlin creatures but the rest of his sculpts leave me cold... more 'mass produced' than 'carefully sculpted'.

It is a bit of a shame really because he seems to be a good sculptor but churns stuff out so fast that he doesn't put proper details on... the folds in his cloth are obvious tool marks, for example.

Mr Teufel said...

The hairy blokes are the ones I like best, too - although the eye-on-stick one looks fun.

Rovanite said...

If my calculations are correct, the masters should now be with you :)