Friday, 22 March 2013

The World is a Dangerous Place.

Watching some of the terrible news that appears on the TV makes you feel a bit sad/shocked but it isn't until you hear about bad news within your family/friends/community that it really hits home.

Yesterday, Kev 'The Goblin Master' Adams was attacked and robbed in his own home. He suffered injuries to his face and shoulder and a knife was involved. He was hospitalised... all for the cost of a Computer.

My best wishes go out to Kev and his family and I wish him a speedy recovery and I especially hope that he is able to come to terms with what happens.

There are moves afoot to raise some funds for when he returns home, even if it just to replace his computer. I will post more news when there is any.

This is a very sad event and I can only re-iterate my sincere best wishes to him at this time.

See you from the back!


demi_morgana said...

I was also shocked reading this grim news today morning.
Lets just hope Da Gobbomasta recovers soon and the bastard who attacked him - brought to justice.


Inso said...

I agree totally... I was shocked by the ferocity of the assault.