Sunday, 3 March 2013

After Overlord

Hello again and I'd like to welcome our newest follower; ACME to Inso's World. Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to comment and share information if you feel the need.

Seeing as I have absolutely no hobby related news to share... apart from the fact I have put some Grymn on the table to paint... if I can finally motivate myself to do so, I thought I'd share my thoughts about the Abingdon Wargame Club's annual Overlord show.

Getting there was easy. Once I arrived in Abingdon there were Overlord signs posted up in plenty of places so finding Fitzharry's School was plain sailing.

Parking was free and there was plenty of it. Once inside the venue, I bought my ticket (£2-50), picked up my free miniature (a British WWII soldier from 'XIII Legion' miniatures) and went into the show. I could have bought some raffle tickets - for Cancer Charity - but made a donation instead (I don't generally do raffles).

Inside there were three halls and a canteen area with hot food and drink at VERY reasonable prices. There was seating as well.

Each of the halls had traders around the outside and various games tables in the middle and to be honest, for a relatively small venue, there were a lot of people and a lot of traders/games so that was a nice thing to see.

I met up with some friends from the WWW and had a chat, walked around the venue a few times, admired the games, chatted with stall owners and bought a few bits and bobs. I was there for a couple of hours and to be honest, as a non-gamer, I think that was adequate. If you were a gamer (or had something in the bring and buy), then you could easily have stayed much longer because the tables were open house.

Overall, Overlord is a very well run little show with lots to look at and plenty of opportunities to try games and buy stuff. I had a nice time there.

So... what did I buy?
10 - Eisenkerne troops from Dreamforge Games.
3 - buggies from Ainsty Casting
1 - Combat robot from Mongoose Publishing
10 - robots from The Scene
...a bacon bap, a sausage roll and a cup of tea :)

I was also quite taken with some scenery products from; namely their vac-formed trench system and rubber roads. Well worth a look.

That is about it for today.

See you from the gun-pit!

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Stephen said...

Sorry to miss one, the commute seemed a little excessive though ;-)