Sunday, 10 March 2013

A bit of an adventure...

This week, I have been doing something different again. It seems like the worst thing I can do is look in my miniatures cabinet because I can't help myself from re-visiting old projects. This particular project revolves around a conversation that I had about my urban camouflage schemes. Someone said that they looked a bit Mondrian so after a spot of investigation... I found a new project.

The Mondrians

The Mondrians are an unusual race because they are completely secular and refuse to learn other people's language or customs. They communicate with each other using a series of clicks and whistles that don't seem to show any pattern or reason. There are some scientists who believe that they are a psychic race that only uses clicks and whistles to confuse people but this has not been proven.

One thing that can be said is that they are prolific traders who love to use items from anywhere they can find them. Their favourite trading partners are the Grymn because they are exactly the same size and build and that makes it perfect because they don't have to modify the traded equipment to fit. When trading, the Mondrians do it face to face and simply point at what they want and then point at what they can offer. The traders usually arrive with their goods and will set them out on an elaborate and finely embroidered sheet so that they can be easily viewed. They have a small slate that is used to mark out quantities... usually a series of dots made with chalk. They usually bring a motley selection of items from all around the universe with few items that they have produced themselves. Generally speaking, they are excellent at getting what they want but will often trade over the odds for weapons... even going as far to insist that the over generous trade is received. it is the view of the scientists that this is linked to the value the Mondrians place on life and that they insist on paying over the top for anything that can take a life... but again, this cannot be proven.

The Mondrian face resembles a Grymn's but has three distinct differences. First of all, they don't have a visible nose. Instead there is a broad upper lip area that meets where a Grymn would have the bridge of their nose. Secondly, their skin is a vibrant red and finally, their eye colour is also different; being completely yellow with no visible pupil.

It is difficult to say why they do it but the Mondrians like to paint their war-machines and equipment in bold geometric patterns with bright, distinctive colours within strong boundaries of black. They also like to turn up on any battlefield at any time to fight alongside one of the combatants. Usually, this is tolerated but there are occasions where stealth is required and having a brightly coloured selection of troops and vehicles alongside you can prove difficult. When problems like this arise, the Mondrians won't leave but will follow behind at a safe distance until battle is joined and will then come to help. It is assumed that the small number of Mondrian troops that arrive are young and are trying to prove their mettle in battle but that cannot be taken as fact, as they won't attempt to explain. It can be noted that the Mondrians will normally fight on the weakest side so that adds further weight to the argument.

When in battle, the Mondrians use a selection of traded weapons and equipment but prefer to use Grymn made items. If you looked past the odd colours of their uniforms and equipment, you would almost think that they were Grymn , as long as their faces were concealed. Their combat doctrine is similar to many other races and they use tactics and strategies just the same but they have an edge over the Grymn and that is the speed of the troops. They are faster than Grymn and are able to leap twice their height into the air. They have extremely fast reflexes and are able to dodge attacks with little effort. On the flip side, they do not suffer pain well and if they are injured will drop to the floor and remain in a catatonic state until they are rescued; no matter how small their injury is. This bizarre behaviour has been seen on numerous occasions and it is believed that the Mondrians do this because they do it when they train. Enemies are familiar with this and rarely bother with fallen Mondrians because they know that once they are on the ground they will take no further part in the fighting so they can concentrate on fighting those that will. They also know that Mondrians cannot be interrogated so they are worth nothing as prisoners and tend to leave them where they are.

That little bit of text came about after I decided that I wanted to take the project a little further forward than just a tank:

Click the Pic!

Now, I deliberately mentioned that the Mondrians turn up to fight in small groups because, to be honest, I didn't relish the idea of painting hundreds of troops with the same pattern as the tank. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to paint a test model... so here is the leader of the Mondrian squad (I still have to finish the base):

Click the Pic!

Luckily I picked up a bunch of Grymn at low prices through a private sale and they were perfect for this little project. I had to adjust the face a little and thought that I needed a contrasting colour for the webbing... and that was that.

I have another nine of these on the table and plan to convert a couple of traders but that will be all for this little project.

... but what of the Enforcers? Well, I have base-coated the anti-grav transport ready for washing so I am ticking along with that too.

All I need to do now is stop getting distracted.

See you from the farm!


Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, excellent back story on these guys! Even if its only been expanded from another source. The color scheme is also interesting though i don't evny you having to paint it.

Tony said...

You would have to be mad to want to paint an army in that colour scheme.

Well done for trying.