Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday milestone!

Before I kick off today's post, I'd like to welcome two new followers; Arkhein and lalebrasil. Welcome to the pair of you and I hope you find something interesting as you travel the paths of Inso's World.

So... here we go.

First of all, I have managed after many hours of faffing and gnashing of teeth, to complete the cyclist sculpt:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, he hasn't been painted yet... or properly attached to the wooden plinth but he has been sculpted to a level that I am happy and it also means he will be ready for the leaving do this Thursday! It is a huge relief and it also signals the return of some sculpting activity. My next job is to finish painting him and finish the space cowboy sculpt whilst continuing to paint my Visitors.

Did I mention Visitors? Well, I am not as far along with things as I would have liked but here are the next two walkers base-coated ready for the wash to be applied:

Click the Pic!

As you may have noticed, there are two little characters below the walkers and they will be the base miniatures for the two powered armour heroes... once I convert them up a bit.

In other news, do you remember this?:

Click the pic!

Well, I have recently discovered that the box art for the Airfix Merlin kit has now been done and there is also a list of the variants... one of which is the helicopter above so there is now positive proof that my 'SPLAT' artwork is going to be in the kit:


In other news... yes... there is more...

I am making a photo-backdrop for the Christmas party and it is going to be a sleigh pulled by reindeer BUT... no... I'll keep it a secret until I have something to show off. 

Unfortunately, word about my artistic slant has been spreading and I will be making the front of a Santa's grotto as well! All this Christmas stuff and I am not a fan of the festival... who'd have thought it?!

Right... that's it!

See you from the mines of Wales!


Rovanite said...

Tis cool to see the cyclist finished!! Looks great! :D I was wondering, which do you prefer to sculpt, the larger miniatures or the smaller 28mm scale ones?

Awesome news about the "Splat" art work by the way!

Inso said...

I hate sculpting the larger scale stuff... but I find it hard to say no when it is for leaving parties :(

That is why it has taken so bloody long to finish.