Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sunday's post on a Saturday.

I'm cheating today. I have decided not to wait until tomorrow to post this week's mutterings.

But where to start?

Well... I've been on holiday for a week and have been pottering around, going out to places and various other stuff.

Some of the 'other stuff' involved E-Bay and Tengu miniatures. Namely, I have been buying stuff and that means Eldar dreadnoughts, weapon platforms and more little Greys. I think that I now have ten Dreadnoughts, around six weapon platforms and forty three Greys.

But it isn't just about army buying... it's about army building and you can't have an army without a rallying point so I ripped the helmet off a Grey (the free one that was delivered with my first Tengu order), added a spare head from a Crossover superhero miniature and came up with this:

Click the Pic!

The writing on the side is from the Tau alphabet... a Google search will find it. His name is Octu... I can't think why. He doesn't need to touch the controls... he's psychic. He needs four honour guards but I'll get around to that eventually. In the mean time, I may have finished the first batch of troops:

Click the Pic!

That is twenty troops with a leader and of course, the whole point of the troops is to support the dreadnoughts and vice versa so here is a pic of what I have for the first wave of the army:

Click the Pic!

Once the dreadnoughts are painted and the four honour guards are finished, the first wave will be complete. Things are definitely ticking along considering the idea only came to me a few weeks ago.

Apart from that, I was lucky enough to find three more of the Matchbox/Hotwheels six wheeled buggies so I snapped those up quickly. I have been paint stripping miniatures from various E-Bay victories and I have been to visit Bournemouth and the Cotswold Wildlife Park. I have also been adding putty to the cyclist sculpt... but not nearly enough. 

But hey... I was on holiday.

See you from the Jam Butty mines!


Brummie said...

Thats awesome a very suitable commander miniature

Soapy said...

Always thought that head would make a great helmet and it really sizes nicely with the greys craniums. Top work as ever and looking forward to seeing this project develop.

Stay lucky,

demi_morgana said...

Oh my god, THEY ARE COMING!!!
So many of them!

Inso said...

Cheers :)

There will be many more :)

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