Sunday, 23 September 2012

BLAM! It's Sunday's post.

Before I start, I'd like to welcome the latest follower of Inso's World; Alcidas. Welcome Alcidas and I hope you find a few things of interest as you stroll around the gardens. Feel free to leave comments and add suggestions.

Fancy a bit of a challenge? Well if you do and you don't need a prize to compete (apart from the kudos of winning!), the Forum of Doom has just kicked off this year's Unofficial Diorama of Doom. For more information, rules and where to start things off, click HERE.

Phew... what a week. I have had to chill out because the old Insomnia beat me this week so it was a day off work and some sleep meds to get me back on track. Fortunately, it only kept me down for a day and I was able to transform my freebie Grey Commander from Tengu Games into Mekon; Supreme Overlord of the Visitors:

Click the Pic!

While I was repositioning his head and arm, I managed to snap them off so I had to reattach them but I think he looks brilliant as the Supreme Commander... and I couldn't help calling him Mekon.

This week, I have received all of my expected E-Bay purchases and I can now rest on my laurels that I don't need to strip any figures for the time being. I have a couple of bids in for a bit of flavour but I am only expecting to win one of them... hopefully. The other one was a 'let's put a stupid little bid in to be cheeky' sort of bid... You never know.

One thing that I was really happy to receive was my charity miniature; Super J. He is a cracking little miniature but in his silver state, he doesn't photograph very well so if you want to see what he looks like, here he is by another painter:

(Both are linked from Lead Adventure Forums)

If you are interested in getting hold of one, here is a link to the thread on the Lead Adventure Forum: LINK.

Finally, our newest family member (Henry) has had his second set of jabs and a week for them to work before this happened:

Click the Pic!

Once he was out and had dashed back into the house a few times, he got the hang of being outside and started to investigate... all supervised of course. He certainly seemed to enjoy the occasion... even if he was apprehensive.

Well... that is about it for this post. I am continuing to sculpt the cyclist at the moment but I hope to start painting some dreadnoughts when I get the chance too. We'll see, I guess!

See you from the amazing micro-verse!


Brummie said...

That commander looks great. Glad Henry is doing well. Plenty of mischief to get up to now

Lord Siwoc said...

I love the commander, well done on making him look more majestic!