Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Fun!

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been gathering together old Eldar Dreadnoughts and going through the motions of assembling and painting them. Seeing as E-Bay has been a good friend to me of late, I have managed to get hold of six... including three which are yet to arrive. The one I have already assembled was from my attic... so at the moment the force will have seven Dreadnoughts and 20 little greys.

So... I get things from E-Bay and they are covered in paint so I need to de-base them, break them down into their components and strip the paint and glue off. I recently learned the merits of Dettol for paint stripping so I dunk the components into Dettol and leave them for 24 hours before brushing them vigorously and re-dunking.

A lot of people dilute their Dettol but I tend to use it neat so that when I brush, the paint doesn't turn into a sticky mess. The only time I add water is when I have finished stripping and it is just to rinse the Dettol off.

So... I finished stripping the paint off but there is superglue on some of the pieces. I thought I'd get some Nitromors to finish off the job. Nitromors is only usable on metal as it will pretty much dissolve everything else. It is good for getting rid of old Green-Stuff, Milliput and glues along with any stubborn bits of paint that the Dettol didn't shift. So I went to buy some and was astounded to see it for sale at £11-95!!! Rats to that... so I went to Wilkinsons and it was £6-95 (much more reasonable). While I was there I also got some more cheap tooth brushes for the paint stripping.

Once all the Dreadnoughts are ready to be assembled (they are in the Nitromors at the moment) they will need basing so I have gone for some 50mm bases from Heresy Miniatures. They are a perfect size and it gave me the opportunity to buy another ribbon of Green Stuff.

On the subject of Green Stuff, I have some of THIS and have had a nightmare with it. It is so much less user friendly than THIS. It is good value but storing and using it is much more difficult than it living in its own box and just cutting of a little segment of ribbon. It may just be me of course...

I am in quite a slump at the moment. I really want to be sculpting but I just can't seem to get motivated. It will bite me if I'm not careful because I only have until 6th September to finish the cyclist!

Ho Hum...

I am hoping that the Dreadnought project will stimulate some much needed enthusiasm. That said, I will need to decide on what colour to paint them... at the moment I am thinking a black/dark grey with some red accents here and there and I am also thinking that the Greys will be green instead (with black/dark grey suits).

A change is as good as a rest.

##EDIT## As it happens... I am painting the dreadnoughts very dark blue. Isn't it funny how ideas ebb and flow.

See you from the doorway!

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