Saturday, 18 August 2012

A quiet week...

I have had another one of those quiet weeks. Virtually no hobby stuff, a bit of writing and a bit of fun. I was talking to my daughter about nonsense poems and I suddenly thought of the Jabberwocky so I found the words and put my poetry hat on...

The first poem I thought of was Ning, Nang Nong but that one is less dramatic.

I am off to a wedding reception today. I like it when I am driving somewhere and I only get the details when we leave... life is so exciting that way and it never causes any argument.

I am not sleeping at the moment so I have been thinking a lot about drop-ships. It is going to get to a point where I am seriously going to have to bite the bullet... I just wish I could draw what I am thinking about because it would make life a whole lot easier. The main drive of the design is to have enough space for four Old Crow vehicles and thirty troops. The main cargo area will house the vehicles and there will be gantry steps up to the passenger area above the cargo bay. I have been pondering the whole 'rotating engines' thing but I am really in two minds about it because it seriously complicates things... but at the moment, it is all shapes and lines... and a lack of space.

I have finished my latest story and concluded the trilogy. If you are interested, click these:

For my next stories, I am thinking that a walker pilot would be a good character. I may give the walker a robot personality or something...

Henry will be arriving soon.

Henry is a little black and white kitten.

He is going to be my daughter's... but he'll still be in the house so he'll still be fun for me too.

Have a nice Saturday.


Simon Quinton said...

Have fun at the wedding dude

Rovanite said...

I always remember the Jabberwocky poem from school as it was the first poem I found interesting :) Nicely read!

Inso said...

@ Brummie - had a blast :)

@ Rovanite - Cheers :)