Sunday, 22 July 2012

So it's Sunday again...

It is Sunday and the sun has come out! What a lovely day and I have made the best of it by... doing chores in the garden. I've got rid of the bags of garden waste at the recycling centre and have dug a flower bed and edged it. Yesterday we had a pleasant day in Oxford and I now have a lovely Tweed jacket.

But... that's all normal stuff and we don't want to talk about that so I'll talk about hobby stuff instead.

I have been pretty side-tracked with my gizzit lately but I have now handed that over to the committee ready for it to be presented so I can forget about it now and continue with other things.

Sculpting has been pretty sparse so I haven't got anything that has progressed far enough for pix but I have assembled a few things, namely two comms robots for my Clanker units:

Click the Pic!

I have not bothered fitting any weapons and have added a decent sized antenna to the tops of each of them. They will be perfect for the job of joining the Clanker units. I have another one that is yet to be assembled but I haven't built and converted the squad for it yet so there is no rush. 

I have had to order some 60mm bases from GW so I have also ordered a Jokaero 'fine-cast' miniature just to see what the material is like... and I get a robotised Orang-utan into the bargain. 

In other news, my Kickstarter miniatures have arrived from Crossover Miniatures and I have assembled, based and started painting them... so here they are:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, they are five superheroes and their names are written on their bases so that I can remember them. They are in the process of being base coated but I wanted to get the basic colours down to put a finished picture in my mind. I will do a bit of a review once I finish painting them.

So... not a lot of anything again but a little bit at least.

See you from the barrel of the gun!

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