Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday... a sculpting day.

I got up this morning after a near sleepless night thinking about the sculpting I have to get done and decided to put a day's leave in and stay at home.

Once that plan had been completed, I started on some sculpting and managed to get the head finished on my main sculpt:

Click the Pic!

It isn't a perfect likeness by a long chalk... but it will serve its purpose. I just need to finish the easy bits now so I am really happy that it has got as far as it has.

Seeing as today was a sculpting day, I also threw some putty on the Grekwood sculpt and the Space Dwarf sculpt... but not enough to warrant a picture. This cannot be said of my Hasslefree Miniatures competition sculpt... she has progressed quite a lot:

Click the Pic!

The picture sort of gives the game away... yes, she is a female Sleiti. I still have to add some bits to her waist and then finish her hair and arms. I am thinking that she will have a shield and a ranged weapon... obviously bio-weapons of some kind. She'll have a ponytail and pointy ears too. I was originally going to call her Joo'an (can anyone guess why?) but I am not so sure...

See you from the farm!

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