Sunday, 3 June 2012

Watching TV on a Sunday afternoon.

After pottering about in town today, I am currently watching the Thames pageant for Her Majesty the Queen's Jubilee celebrations. It is a graphic demonstration of British spirit at its finest. It is pouring with rain and everyone is enjoying themselves and even standing on the bridges...painting!

The eccentricity on display makes me proud to be British.

Well, I think it is about time I showed this off:

Click the Pic!

Some details:
  • It is a TEST sculpt to judge the proportions
  • It is not dressed the same as following sculpts
  • It is not castable (due to the pose and undercuts)
  • The weapon is likely to stay the same for future sculpts (the size is about right)
  • I will be sculpting the weapons onto the miniatures (one piece casts)
  • Future sculpts will be getting some body-armour
  • I may go for the separate head option
  • There will be a leader and some support troopers
  • I have no plans for anything other than a few troops
  • I do plan on getting a few cast up
I am quite happy with the way he has turned out and I quite like the proportions so I have already started bulking up the next armature. I have also bought some moulding rubber so that I can get the torsos to look the same... so a bit of a departure there and I hope it works. 

If you have any comments on this little project, feel free to share them.

There will be more posts to come over the next couple of days so watch out for them.

See you from the bench!


Lord Siwoc said...

I like this little guy. Beard seems right and the beret is great!

Well done mate!

Brummie said...

Looks good and the limbs and everything are all in proportion

Rovanite said...

I'm by no means an expert, but how come isn't it castable? Looks ok to me, unless there is a gap between the arms?? You have some great ideas and I look forward to seeing them :)

Inso said...

Cheers :)

There is a void behind the weapon so it would need a three or four part mould to cast it... way too much effort and complexity for a sculpt.

Don't worry though, all of the character of this one will be transposed onto the next ones and they will be sculpted with casting in mind :).

maxxev said...

Chop both his hands off an take out the gun, then it's castable.

Looks good to me, but I think you should do steampunk dwarves.

Inso said...

You mean chop the hands off and try to extract the pin that disappears into the torso without ripping the sculpt to pieces... not to mention severing the wire that cunningly disappears into both of the hands without destroying them in the process...

... to cast a one-off sculpt that will not fit in with the rest of the planned range...

Do-able... but I can't see the point.

Just wait until the next one turns up :)