Wednesday, 2 May 2012

And lo, it came to pass...

My muse has left me.

She has picked up her bags and walked away.

What that means is that I will have a bit of a lean period on the hobby front because no matter what I have tried to turn my hand to, I just can't motivate myself enough to enjoy it... or get it finished.

Obviously, the last few months have burnt me out so I need a bit of a break so I will use this time for a bit of consolidation. Sorting things out and maybe (if I can stomach it) some varnishing.

It isn't anything to worry about because I always have peaks and troughs with regards to the hobby and now that I have more time at home in my new job (rather than going on trips abroad) it has just compounded the problem because I am pretty immersed in things when I am at home.

I will continue to add blog posts but they may not include very much in the way of hobby progress.

Sometimes you just need a bit of a recharge.

See you from the vaults!


Dai said...

We must be drinking from the same well then. Had to force myself to finish my last fig. meh.
Hope your muse returns and lights up your creatuve drives sir, soon.

Lord Siwoc said...

She will be back...And we will still be here mate