Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter musing.

It is Easter Friday. That means I am at home again...YAY!

For many of you Christians it is a time of re-birth and huge religious significance...he died, then he came back to life! Nowadays, that would be called a classic Zombie tale but back then, it was spiritual.

For many other people it is a time of eating chocolate eggs and painting chicken eggs before rolling them down a hill.

For still more people it is about dancing naked in the wilds at sites of particular spiritual significance... the Spring Equinox.

For me, it just means that I get a couple of extra days added to my weekend. It also means that I have extra time for THINGS!

Well...I have been thinking... and seeing as I have been writing a long tale about a mixed crew of space adventurers (namely Grymn...but others as well) HERE it got me thinking about the possible hobby aspects of creating the characters from the story. As a result, I have plonked a miniature in the Dettol and have decided to start putting together some miniatures to represent the characters at certain points along the story trail. The first one will be Joo'an and the version I have chosen is after she has lost her psychic powers and after Tully and Jela have got their hands on her and taken her shopping for clothes. She will be carrying Grymn weapons (because she never had any of her own that weren't attached to her bio-suit) and wearing 'interesting' clothing. If you want to take some interest in this project, here is a LINK to where it will be ticking along. If you haven't a clue about what I am talking the story.

I won't be going very quickly on this project because I have bigger fish to fry but I expect to tick along when the muse grabs me.

You could say it is the birth of something new for the Spring Solstice.

Or you could say..."here he goes again with another project that will get half finished and forgotten" which is probably nearer the mark but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

See you from The Obituary (the one from THE STORY).


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Equinox...Solstice...same thing but different name...

You can tell I'm no Pagan though :D.