Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Washed down with a glass of water.

I had difficulty dragging my carcass around today... I have taken to waking up extremely early in the mornings.

When I got down stairs I drank a cup of tea while base-coating the airborne troop's bases and then sort of vegetated until I made the decision to nip into the village and have a salad for lunch. It was a chicken Caesar salad and it had cheese and a few pickled herrings in it... a very nice mix, even though I wasn't expecting it. I washed it down with a glass of water because of the immense headache I had managed to cultivate. When I got home, I killed the headache with some paracetamol and got to work on my airborne troops again.

This evening, I have a platoon of Grymn Airborne Assault troops with finished bases and decals on their helmets. They have also had rank markings that have been brought into line with the other platoon but on their shoulder pads instead.

The rocket tubes for the Pilum drop-ships have all been sanded ready to be fitted and the drop-ships have had Green Stuff applied to the wing stubs to fill the unsightly gaps... they just need trimming and sanding when they have dried and then I can glue the rocket tubes on.

It is funny how my muse has decided that I need to put an end to a couple of old projects and as a result, I have thrown all of my hobby efforts into these old troops and their transports while not touching the other urban platoon.

I expect that I will matt varnish over the decals tomorrow and get the rocket tubes attached to the drop-ships after sanding everything down that needs it.

I hope to have some pix as well.

I may go and see a movie too... who knows?

See you from the sun-lounger!

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