Friday, 16 March 2012

Today is a good day.

Not only is it Friday but it is the start of a week's leave!


I was all set to get a lot of prep work done on my latest platoon of Grymn but I stopped and thought that maybe a night off and a long soak in the tub would be better.... after all, I have a whole week to mess around with hobby stuff.

I have reached page 117 (A5) of my little Grymn story so if you are inclined to spend a while reading the saga so far, then have a look HERE. It may...or may not float your boat.

On a different note, Games Workshop are changing all their paints again. Yes, they are keeping all of the paints that are in the range at the moment BUT they are changing all the names just to confuse everyone. They are also adding a load of other paints and washes.

I am really losing the will to live where Games Workshop are concerned.

See you from the garden gate!

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