Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Awesome is how I feel today. Why? The weather is gorgeous, the air is fresh and I am alive.

To make things even better, I'd like to welcome the latest follower to Inso's World so welcome Pat G, it is great to have you aboard. As I say to all my guests, make sure you travel the paths and take away any ideas that are floating around. Also...feel free to comment and get involved, it makes your stay more interesting :).

After a whole week of feverish hobby action, the wheels have fallen off and I haven't touched a brush or sculpting implement since Sunday.

I have tidied a few things away and stared at a lot of stuff...but ACTUALLY working on things has stopped.

But on a beautiful spring day like today...I'm not sad. I know I'll get back to things soon.

I tend to be one of those people who stride purposely wherever I go...but in such glorious weather, I have been meandering...I even managed to be fashionably late back to work after lunch! THAT never happens! Not to me...I am always on time! I hate being late!

...But today, I was cool with it. I didn't mind...I worked a little extra to make up for my guilt so it turned out fine.

I guess I've taken a lot of time to say nothing much and do you know what? I'm good with that too :)

See you from under the apple tree!

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