Sunday, 19 February 2012

A weekend of travels.

This week has seen a lot of work on the Grymn new model army and you can see the results HERE. Just to whet your appetite, the link shows a painted platoon and some information about one of the support platoons. I've just finished putting the gloss varnish coat on the platoon so they will be ready for decals when they arrive.

I have begun to paint the VASA Black Legionnaires with a view to getting them finished now. I have bitten the bullet and painted them all completely grey. It has meant that the red is covered and it gives the impression of progress straight away. The one down side to this is that I have just opened a new pot of Adeptus Battelgrey...and it is a different colour to the last pot. How the hell does that work? I would have expected it to be the same colour. What it means is that it is a bloody good job I finished the Grymn platoon before I needed to use the new pot. It also means that I will have to get another pot of paint before I paint any more Grymn.

Hmm...not impressed.

On the plus side, I have received confirmation that my Russian powered armour has been shipped from Micro Panzer and my order from Hasslefree Miniatures has also been dispatched. Unfortunately, I am yet to hear anything from Dom's Decals... but it has only been a week or so... so I won't be sending out the posse just yet.

The Hasslefree order will mean that I will have all of the Grymn I need to complete an infantry company and a heavy infantry platoon (not including vehicles) and the Micro Panzer order will mean that... well... I'll have some new cool toys to play with.

The Grymn VTOL has stalled a bit because I am trying to find the right sized tubing for he rear exhaust duct...I have various pen-casings but still haven't got the right one... so I am still looking.

So... why a weekend of travels? Well, me and my family popped down to Somerset yesterday to attend my niece's 18th birthday party. I had a good night (even though I was the designated driver) and spent a lot of time in the company of my extended family. We stayed over night in a Travelodge and I drove back today so I have not really had time to do much more than base and varnish a few Grymn. It was certainly worth all the effort though.

This week will see the cleaning and assembly of the first platoon's vehicles and the continued painting adventures of the VASA Void project.

It should be fun.

See you from the bottom of the hill!

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