Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday and the smell of paint.

I'd love to say that I have just reached the end of a great week...but I haven't. This week has been marred by all sorts of stuff which has meant that a lot of my hobby time has been repairing a door that was damaged by 'Teen-aged angst'. The smell of gloss paint permeates the very fabric of my house at the moment...and it isn't pleasant. Yesterday, the house was full of the smell of spray paint as I primed some resin tanks...

...So...this week I have been mostly not doing hobby stuff but I have managed to prime the transports for the first platoon of urban troops and finish the command Slingshot in the process:

Click the Pic!

It also means that I have chosen the paint scheme for the vehicles. More information can be found HERE.

On to other things and I have managed to get hold of a 1/60 scale Votoms Scopedog kit. I am just waiting for it to arrive from Australia now. I have a lot of plans for the kit that won't be shared for a while...needless to say, it will be the seed for another army.

Well...a short update today but hopefully, the next one will be filled with all sorts of stuff (I have so many batons in the air that they must land soon!)

See you from the dug-out!


Lord Siwoc said...

You have lots of stuff to work at, looking forward to it mate!

Adam said...

Sharp looking paint jobs on the tanks.