Monday, 16 January 2012

Zig-zagging along.

I had one of those days today.

Work was a little quiet so I had a bit of time to think (bloody dropship won't go away!!!).

I had a nice run at lunchtime...until I slipped over...not immediately a problem but DAMN my knee is sore tonight.

I started painting bits on my Void bikes this evening but got bored so I dug out some resin Space Dwarfs to clean and prep instead.

I have been looking through my miniatures boxes and seeing what I had for VASA apart from the jump troops and marines and found a Void Knight of Balance and a Void Knight of Silence and whilst looking through my segmented boxes of minis I had a huge surge of guilt... many Grymn (100+) with so many plans and yet they still sit there waiting for the start.  My last Urban Grymn troops have so put me off the camouflage that I may end up scrapping the urban theme and returning to more familiar ground...

SO tonight, I have been mostly annoying everybody :).

A cup of de-caf and bed I think.

See you from the end of a bungee rope!


Brummie said...

I have a stack of Future wars sitting in a box waiting for me to get good at doing camoflage

Inso said...

My original Urban Grymn are covered in tiny squares and they drove my mad to paint...and I never want to go there again!

I have lots of urban Grymn waiting to be painted but it looks like they are going to get a plain uniform because I can't decide on patterns.

The Void bikes have a nice look but I don't want to be painting sharp edges on tiny miniatures like Grymn...'s a tough one!