Sunday, 8 January 2012

The second Sunday post.

What a week I have had!  I have been doing an awful lot of sorting out...both in the house and with the hobby. I must have shredded a sack full of old documents; some going back 17 years!  Various uniform has been bagged up for storage (desert longer used due to new multi-cam being issued...but they don't want it back in stores so I have to drag it around with me everywhere), boxes sorted through and bin-bags filled up.

It feels good to sort things out once in a while...

...and the same thing goes with the hobby.  Prior to Christmas, I had a big sort out, put a lot of stuff away, went through my paints and binned the dead ones, tidied tools away and generally sorted the hobby area out.  Yesterday, I went through my growing collection of Necron plastics and de-sprued everything to sort into multi-celled storage boxes.  I also put all the components needed for individual Beetle-bots into little kits in plastic bags so all I need to do is pick up a bag and I have everything I need to build a single Beetle-bot.  It really is amazing to see the amount of waste plastic that is generated when you de-sprue all those spare components.

Once I had finished all that, I was able to list what I had for the Beetle-bot army and so far we have:

1x Lord on foot (finished)
3x Destroyers (finished)
12x Beetle-bots (finished)

5x Wraiths (converted and waiting for paint)
5x Immortals (conversions in progress)
5x Deathmarks (conversion in progress)

22x Beetle-bots (not started)
1x Heavy Destroyer (not started)
1x Destroyer Lord (not started)
1x Monolith (not started)

It all makes up quite a little force and the bonus is that I have everything I need to put together what is listed above (apart from a few bits and bobs for the Monolith...but that is still in the design phase).

So, in amongst all the tidying, sorting and general day-to-day stuff, I managed to put together a how to (see last post) and convert a few other bits and bobs.  First, I have finished the last two Wraiths and here they all are together:

Click the Pic!

The two newest ones are on the black bases.  None of them have seen any paint yet because I want to finish the Immortals and Deathmarks (Sniper beetles) before I move on to the paint stage.  Speaking of Immortals, I built a second one while putting together the How To:

Click the Pic!

So, there are three more Immortals and four more Deathmarks to go before I start painting the bots.  

On the subject of paint, I have started painting my Mantic Forgeguards.  I decided to spray undercoat them and have been ticking along very slowly (I have been busy with other things) so there are no pics to show off but I am working on them.

Well, I think that about finishes things up for today!

Coming up soon will be more How To guides and more Beetle-bots... but not today!

See you from the spire!


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But not today? You lazy git!

Hehe...Well done!

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As I said...Proper! ;-)