Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I haven't forgotten...

I would like to welcome porkandbeans to Inso's World.  I hope you find something to your liking as you wander through the mazes and topiary of my blog.  Feel free to use ideas and share comments!

So...what haven't I forgotten?  The Void1.1 project.  Last month, I finished a couple of bike squads for my VASA army (in fact, the two bike squads ARE my VASA army!) so in order to keep things plodding along, I put aside my drive for 'robotic domination of the world' and prepared another bike squad.

It is a bike squad that is exactly the same as the last two.

It is all cleaned and assembled but the putty needs to dry so I can't really start painting the bikes yet.

I decided that tonight I needed a bit of a rest.  Yesterday, I went for the first run of the year and today it feels like I have been run over by a truck.  Add to that a run of limited sleep and the last thing I could face was drilling and pinning tiny bits and pieces together...so cleaning and assembling a few bikes was a good breather from that and it meant that I got something productive done by getting the bikes ready for paint.


Oh how the twists and turns of my mind play tricks on me!


See you from the edge of reason!

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