Sunday, 1 January 2012

The first day...

Well, I guess it is welcome to 2012!  The first day of the year started really well but unfortunately, this afternoon, things have been curtailed by a mighty I haven't started converting any Immortals yet.  On the plus side, I have managed to finish the three Wraith conversions I was working on so here they are:

Click the Squad Pic!

Click the Resting Wraith Pic!

Click the Slowing Wraith Pic!

Click the Charging Wraith Pic!

I'm quite happy with them...even if they do look a little more aggressive than a lot of the Beetle-bots.  When these get painted, I may go for the glowing ghost approach that was done in the Lord of the Rings film for the ghosts...sort of a minty green.  It will help them look like they are slightly different to the rest of the troops (because they phase in and out of existence and can travel through things).

On to the Immortals and I will be taking a similar approach with them that I took with the standard bots, they will have a right arm that is physically connected to their heavy weapon and the left arm will either hold the gun or be free to use.  I have clipped a few bits and bobs off sprues, ready to start work but my focus is shot at the that is as far as I can go tonight (unless I shift this headache).

So last night went well...a couple of glasses of port, a bit of telly and a bit of a Karaoke session on the Wii with my family.  I saw in the new year watching an extraordinary display of fireworks in London...whether it was worth the cost at these times of Economic stagnation is anyone's guess.  So a good night...and I went to bed sober(ish).  

That is about it for now.  I'll echo yesterday's sentiment and wish you all a Happy New Year again and see you for another post next time.

See you through my fingers!


Lord Siwoc said...

Welcome inside 2012. Will still be following you in a non stalker way!

Mr Teufel said...

Cowabunga, dude!

lone dirty dog said...

Great job like the idea for the paint job (LOTR) that should work well indeed, these are more on the menacing side than your usual work but the size gives them that slight dare I say it cuteness back.

Great work great fun all ways a pleasure to see what you have created have an amazing 2012 .

Dan said...

wow, great conversions, well done.