Saturday, 10 December 2011

An experiment.

Welcome to todays post and I'd like to kick it off by welcoming two new followers. Welcome Henrique de Moura Paula and Tael! I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to get involved if there are things you like.

I suppose I am going to have to explain the title of this post. I have seen video clips on various blogs and wondered if I could do something's all extra stuff to add some interest, after all. so I have been pottering about on the web today and decided to meander through a bit of You-Tube nonsense when I found this:

It is a cat playing an application on an I-Pad that has been specifically designed to entertain cats! What a brilliant idea. The cat certainly seems to be having fun anyway. Hopefully, you will be able to click the play button and get it to play for you...hence the 'experiment'.

On to other things and I have been busy slapping Boltgun Metal paint all over the remaining mechs for my Grymn Tunnel Fighter army and I have managed to coat three out of by tomorrow's post, I will have all four shiny.

I have only managed to under-coat the Pug Squad and have really achieved little else this week because of other activities going on.

Works parties are great. This year we went to a fancy 'big-top' and got to watch acrobats, fire-jugglers and dancers whilst eating a very nice meal. After eating there was a disco with other entertainment including dodgems, roulette, silent auctions and of course getting drunk! I was a good boy and stayed pretty sober but it always entertains me when people spend a fortune to go to these sort of things and get so drunk early in the evening that they miss all the fun! Servicemen are a funny breed.

See you tomorrow :).


Lord Siwoc said...

Hehe kind of cute....

Deadestdai said...

Finally a reason to buy an iPad! :)

Or not.

Still, vid worked fine and was cute.

Look forward to painting update pics.

Tael said...

Fun App, the feedback blip is a good idea. Cheers for the welcome ;)

Brummie said...

LMAO If i had an IPAD and a cat i would try that lol.

Use to use the light reflecting of my watch to entertain ours when the where younger